Schematic view of experimental setup 


Active magnetic bearings are electromechanical devices that provide noncontact support between rotor and bearing with the control of electromagnetic forces. Since there is no mechanical contact, friction is avoided, therefore lubrication is not necessary and problems originated from lubrication are eliminated. Active magnetic bearings have been used commercially in turbo molecular pumps due to their features. These pumps are heavily used in clean room applications, process devices in semiconductor production and also in electron microscopes. Since they make possible to rotate the rotor in a very high speed in vacuum condition, magnetic bearings find new application areas. The rotational speed of the rotors supported by magnetic bearing is theoretically constrained with the strength of the material of the rotor. In some applications, it can be reached 180.000 rpm speed for the rigid rotor and rotated safely. It is impossible to reach this rotational speed with other bearings except magnetic bearing.

In this project, active control of a flexible rotor system supported by magnetic bearings will be studied to pass the second and upper critical flexible modes. Moreover, the application possibilities of magnetic bearings to the industry will be investigated.

Designed by Beytullah OKUR

                                             Picture of Experimental Setup